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We Bring Your Cabinet Ideas to Life

Create the Cabinets of Your Dreams

We do our best work with our ears – by listening to your preferences and specifications and then working those in throughout your project. Whatever your budget, you’ll be able to select the cabinets that best-suit your needs and that give your home or office a great new look.

Custom-built, for the best in completely custom cabinet work.  Made    

  100% in our shop in Radford, VA, USA.

High quality Factory custom, semi-custom or stock – for any budget!


Fine Custom Cabinetry

Whether your dream is to transform your kitchen into a work of art or create a stylish environment in another room of your home, you want custom cabinetry that is professionally built and installed. Your expectations will be surpassed!


Translate your dream into a reality with our creativity and expertise. You’ll get heirloom-quality cabinets and home remodeling solutions that bring beauty and function to your home. Take advantage of our free estimates!

For Those Who Demand The Finest

Add Significant Value to Your Home

Whether you want to build in more living and storage space, improve your home’s traffic flow, or drag your home out of the doldrums of past decades, you can trust us to provide you with professional service and fine quality work.


If you are looking for an exotic plywood or another hard-to-find material, we will help you lay your hands on it for your project. We provide exceptional attention to detail, as well as flexibility in bringing your project to life.

•  Kitchens – Create an updated, good-looking kitchen with the

   details you love.


•  Baths – Is it a spa you want? You can get a sumptuous space in

   no time!


•  Countertops – Sometimes all you need to refresh a room is a

   new countertop, custom fit and installed.


•  Sinks And Faucets – Fine sinks and fixtures can provide you  

   with a current look and luxury feel.


•  Lighting – Bring a glow to your room with smart lighting styles,

   fixtures and energy-efficiency.

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